People school Khalil ur Rehman Qamar for calling Eshal Fayyaz a ‘second rate woman’, he denies it

There were rumours floating around that Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and Eshal Fayyaz have been married. Eshal released a video on social media denying the rumours.

In a conversation with The Express Tribune, Qamar also denied the rumours and was quoted to have said the following:

“I strongly reject all such rumours as sheer propaganda. I am happy and satisfied in my life and also request everyone spreading these claims to not associate my name with such second-rate women,” said Qamar in a rather condescending tone – Express Tribune.

The statement gathered quite the attention and the internet was absolutely furious!

People were calling him a disgrace:

Some wanted the channels to hire better writers:

Some weren’t surprised:

Some were calling him misogynistic:

We’re curious too!

Many were calling out on MPTH fans:

People were appalled at his language and tone:

Some shared how he represents majority of the men in the country:

Some wanted him to be respectful:

People were calling him a ‘doh takkay ka admi:’

Some had advice to offer:

Some were genuinely confused why he chose to tarnish the woman’s repute:

And while everyone was calling him out on his language and tone, Khalil ur Rehman took to Twitter to accuse the news publication of misquoting him:

He also added what he actually thinks of Eshal Fayyaz:

And people still weren’t sold:

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