TV Talk: 5 Reasons Why We Are Addicted To Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan!

We all knew that Ahsan Khan has been a blessing for the entertainment industry thanks to his bravura acting skills! But, who knew he could be such a great talker too? Well, all thanks to his stint with Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan, we can’t help but enjoy that to the fullest!

Much like his fans and the environs, we’re noticing an interesting new side to Ahsan with his show as he goes about in an exchange of stories and memories with his star-studded guest list.

What else do we love about Ahsan Khan’s show? Diva has the lowdown…

He’s honest & sincere

It’s a thin line to walk when you’re in front of the camera and you have countless opportunities to create any personality you want and for the fans to believe you, but, Ahsan Khan is way above that. He’s honest to himself and his personality shines quite brightly on his show.


He’s not pushy

There’s a comfortability level that you can see on the faces of Ahsan’s guests, and it’s all thanks to the fact that he’s not pressing or pushy towards them! He gives them the space needed to answer things if they want to and that is a great ethical achievement to have.


He’s the insider

It’s always a breath of fresh air to see guests mingling with the host so effortlessly, and that’s because Ahsan Khan makes sure that his friends and acquaintances from the industry are able to be in a safe space. He knows how to create an environment everyone’s perfect with and that works amazingly in getting things to flow better!


He has the biggest stars on his couch!

A side to Ahsan Khan’s personality that shines the most in the show is the fact that he is fun and interesting, and that’s the reason why a plethora of guests have graced his show without fail. Be it, Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, Hira Mani or Fahad Mustafa, they’ve all been seen on Ahsan Khan’s couch and we’ve loved that!


He doesn’t look scripted

One of the worst things for a TV host is if and when they start seeming fake to fans. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with Ahsan, and throughout his stint with the show, he has looked and felt as real as it can get. What he asks looks like things he probably would without the camera being there and that is what brings a genuine feel to the show!


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  1. This is a very interesting facts about Bhai Ahsan Khan . Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan is very good show and bhai Ahsan makes still more informative and fun filled amazing show.And full on the writing in article is true well-done for writing true.

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