People laud drama serial Damsa for exploring the intense theme of child trafficking

As the recent lot of dramas is exploring the themes of love, divorce and friendships, Damsa is the latest ARY production and perhaps the most heart wrenching of them all. It explores the theme of child trafficking in Pakistan and in the light of recent events, its a drama everyone should be watching.

Featuring Nadia Jamil and Shahood Alvi in pivotal roles, the first 2 episodes have gotten everyone talking about it!

People were lauding Nadia Jamil for her brilliant acting:

A scene that will break your heart:

People were sending prayers to all the mothers dealing with similar situations:

Some were relating it to the recent events happening all over the country:

Novelist Humeira Ajaz shared how she was scared to watch the drama:

But Nadia Jamil assured her that the drama gives solutions as well:

People were all praise for the script, the direction and the acting:

Zulm ki inteha:

The drama also shows the ‘thana culture:’

It gave us all goosebumps:

People were amazed at the direction:

People were lauding Nadia Jamil for executing her role to perfection:

People were really up to watch the drama to empathise with parents who go through such tragedies:

Nadia Jamil herself tweeted out how a lot of people we’re scared to watch and yet agree its true:

She further continued to tweet how every child you see on the streets has a story:

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  1. When I see that this drama will be a solution then I feel brave and can watch but I can’t wait til the end to put smile on our faces . Not just for Damsa but for the other children like Aisha and chotu especially !

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