Karachi Love Hai Jani: Coca-Cola’s New Ad Has People Falling In Love With Karachi!

Known for it’s beautiful advertisements, Coca Cola pays tribute to the city of lights, Karachi, with a rap so catchy and apt that you’ll find yourself singing “Karachi love hai jani” all day!

And people are living for the ad!

Humara bhi!

People were loving Talha Younus and his rap:

People were already singing along:

Jo baat hai!



Only Karachi ❤


It clearly won the hearts of many Karachiites:


People were loving the video:

It’s a whole vibe!


People found the ad to be a fitting ode:


Yeh cheez!

We do too!



What do you think about the ad? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I have been living abroad for two decades, but born and raised in Karachi. This tribute to my home touched my heart and brought tears in my eyes. Coca Cola, I feel like owing so much to you. You’ve earned a loyal fan today!

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