People Demand Justice For Marwah After Horrific Tale Of Her Murder Surface

5 year old Marwah’s body was found burnt in a garbage can, reports also proved that she was raped before being burnt to death. According to sources, the young girl named was kidnapped on Friday and remained missing until her body was discovered yesterday.

This barbaric incident has shaken people to the core and they demand nothing but justice for Marwah:

Actress Armeena wanted to know when such heinous acts will stop:

Veena Malik demanded that these paedophiles be hung publicly:

How many children will it take to stop this barbarism?


People had lost faith in humanity:

People were short of words to express what they were feeling:

No one deserves this, absolutely no one!

People were requesting the PM to make public hanging a thing:


People were worried for children:

People wanted answers:

People found the increase in child abuse cases worrying:

People demanded that everyone involved in this heinous crime be caught!

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