people can’t stop talking about the #EngvsNZ match that will decide the fate of Pakistan today!

It’s one of the most important matches today for Pakistan. And even though the match is between England and New Zealand, it will decide the fate of Pakistan qualifying for the semi-finals. And the netizens have been really excited, some are #TeamNewZealand, some are busy making memes while some have pulled out the 1992 game plan and strategies:

And if you still don’t know why NewZealand winning this match is so important, then here you go:




Well hello there!


* performs wuzu and pulls out the jai-namaz *


Someone even pulled out the 1992 World cup stats and we’re secretly praying he’s right:


Even Salman Ahmed is a believer:


People have been sending prayers:


Anddd, there were memes:




Hahahaha, yar:


New Zealand tum humara dost ho!


Uh oh…


Sari scheme bataday bhai:


Hmmm, a win-win situation?


People warned the New Zealand team to take care of their diet…


Haha, the real deal:


I guess we’ll have to wait and watch:


As the match is about to start, people can’t stop but compare England batting first in 1992 as well:


Who do you think is going to win the match today? Let us know in the comments below!

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