People are sharing what year they’d like to go back to and it will have you thinking of your best years!

Entering the third week of being locked down, the nation can’t help but reminisce about the good times they’ve had in all these years! Some are busy going through their wedding albums, some through their family albums and some going over the memories they’ve made, in short, everyone’s been missing their routine life!

And amidst the gloomy lock down, this girl has everyone wanting to go back to a certain year in their life:

And people have the most heart warming reasons:

We miss our friends way too much now!

I’m sure most of us would do anything for that one last hug:

We’ve forgotten what life was before smartphones:

Okay there, big plans!

Some wanted to go back and do what they loved:

Some missed travelling:

Same 😭

Some wanted to go back to their university life:

If only that was possible!

Some were just done!

The good life!

Some wanted to go back and try focusing on what they should have:

When you made big goals:

Jo baat hai:

Some were pretty okay with 2020:

Some just wanted to move forward:

If given the chance, what year would you like going back to? Let us know in the comments below!

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