5 on-air dramas that people just can’t stop raving about!

Pakistani dramas have been a godsent during the lock down, with some of the most iconic dramas on repeat, there are tons on-air at the moment which have been collecting rave reviews from the tweeple and critics all over the country, and we’re here to narrow them down to the top 5 dramas that people just can’t stop talking about!


A romantic thriller that’s in a league of its own is keeping fans on the edge with every passing episode as things finally start to fall in place! The drama is like no other and has fans invested in it since the very first episode!


Ahad Raza Mir at his finest!


With just the first two episodes being aired, the drama has gathered quite the following already with it’s refreshing storyline:

People have been in love with the script!

Needless to say, people are really looking forward to Sabaat!


If there’s one drama that almost everyone is enjoying watching, its Pyar Ke Sadqay! With Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas Khan in pivotal roles, they have outdone themselves portraying the young, vulnerable and naive protagonists and the internet is in love with them:

The entire cast is bringing their best!

Something we don’t see that often:


Ruswai tells the gruesome tale of a rape victim and how it takes a toll on her life, it shows the real issues portrayed just the way they’re dealt with in this country.

Take cues, women!

The grim reality of our society:


Imagine breaking records with just the first episode, that’s Meharposh for you! Featuring a stellar cast, the drama revolves around Mehru whose life turns upside down as she gets married due to a meager misunderstanding and it had the audience going crazy!

Yes please!

People have been ecstatic to watch the real life couple starring together:

What dramas have you been keeping up with? Let us know in the comments below!

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