People Are Sharing What Makes Them Pakistani & We Love Their Replies!

Living in a Pakistan and being a Pakistani is an adventure in it’s own and we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

And today, people are sharing the most Pakistani things about them that most of us will relate to!

After a twitter user asked netizens to share the most Pakistani things, they’ve been serving some great answers!

Big relate!

Hahaha, high five!

Acha, hygenic aur sasta bhi:

Wasn’t the tea fantastic?

And won’t even let us touch it when guests are eating:

Every day!

World wide angry guy:

Salivating already:

Where’s the lie?


Lmao, stop 😂

Mere bhi!

Who said Sundays are for relaxing?

Haha, every damn time:



What sorcery is this?

Here’s to them all!

Yeh toh bilkul Pakistan lag hi nai raha:

What are the things that make you Pakistani? Let us know in the comments below!

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