People Are Sharing What False Hopes Keep Them Going & We Can Relate!

We’re only humans and we tend to fail many times, but the important thing is to keep going and trying harder instead of giving up.

And today the netizens are sharing their mantra to keep going: false hopes!

And we’ve all given ourselves these false hopes at some point:

There’s nothing false about it:

Haha, same 😭

That’s me!

Seh leinge thora aur:

Yeh cheez!

Kab ayegi woh kal 😭

Phir bhi kaat gayi na?

I mean, it’s true:



You can do it Aimen!

Who hurt you brother?

Me every time I cheat on my diet:



Zaroor ayega!


And then it happens 😂

Ab toh aadat si hai mujhko:

Our kinda false hope:

What’s the false hope that keeps you going? Let us know in the comments below!

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