Girls Want Guys To Guess What’s In The Picture & Their Replies Are Everything!


Confusing the opposite gender trend is back again! And this time the girls are trying to confuse boys with what’s in the picture below:

And their replies show how clueless they are!

Haha, some thought it was a watch’s cell:

Someone thought it’s salajeet:


Some thought it was fresh up!

Yaaaar 😂

Hahaha, kis marz ki dawa hai yeh?

Lmao, we can’t even 😂


Try kerke dekho:

Some thought it was a toffee:

Kahan se laatay ho yar!

Jee, charcoal flavour:

What even is ladies naswar 😂

Even some girls were confused:

Lo bhaee!



And for those of you who still can’t guess what it is, it is a compressed face mask:

Did you guess the answer in the first go or did you check our answer to find out what it is? Let us know in the comments below!

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