People are sharing things only desi moms say that nearly all kids would relate to!

No one comes close to our desi moms when it comes to their sarcasm, their daant and their love for us. Netizens today are sharing their mums’ most interesting dialogues and we can’t help but relate to all of them!

Ama ki clock is way ahead of time:

Sub tordo!

Yar 😂

Her marz ki wajah:

Emotional atyachaar:

Ooof 🙄

Nalayik aulaad:

We’ve lost count of the times this has happened:

Sub amiyon ka ek hi rona hai:

Their savagery stands unmatched:


When all else fails:



Baat toh sach hai:

Oof, these boys!

‘Tum lougon ne toh kutton ko bhi peechay chhordiya’


Sub amiyon ka collective dream:

Mum knows it all!

Ruk kyun gaye? Aur larho!

Lajawaab kerdeteen hain yeh amis:

Dead 😂

Ho gayi ya aur sona hai?

Dil se tweet nikli hai:


Can you relate to these dialogues? Let us know in the comments below!

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