15 Pakistani Celebs Who Have Kept Us Aware & Entertained During the Lockdown!

The Coronavirus Disease has kept most of the world indoors since the last few weeks, and that has meant that most of us have now learned to just keep ourselves busy through any means possible. However, amidst those, who are probably just utilising their time over Netflix or doing random things, there are those, who have gone a step ahead in the right direction.

From pushing out charity drives and raising awareness about COVID-19 through initiatives to simply keeping us entertained with countless antics and content, there have been quite a few celebs who have won us over!

Who are the ones we specifically love during these days? Diva has the lowdown…


Maya Ali & Faiza Saqlain

Keeping philanthropy alive during times when everything is in lockdown and many in Pakistan are suffering from poverty and hunger, Maya Ali and Faiza Saqlain started their charity drive in Lahore. The actress and fashion designer duo are trying their best to keep hopes alive!


Mahira Khan

She’s not just one of Pakistan’s biggest superstar, but she’s also great at keeping everyone aware whenever there is something major happening. Mahira Khan has now taken over Instagram to keep raising awareness about COVID-19 and how one can remain safe! Kudos to her, like always!


Nomi Ansari & Anoushey Ashraf

A unique charity drive in Karachi started by fashion designer, Nomi Ansari and VJ/Host Anoushey Ashraf, the duo has managed to reach countless impoverished citizens all over the metropolis by donating more than 600 bags! The duo has been asking only their friends and people they know personally alone, and still, have managed to create huge waves of philanthropy.


Ali Zafar

One of the few celebs who has led an extensive awareness session on how to fight COVID-19, Ali Zafar has continued to tell us what the right thing to do is in this situation. He’s been active in his fight against the virus and be it his live sessions or his constant monitoring of the situation which he is vocal about, he’s surely doing his part.


Shahid Afridi

A cricketer whose philanthropic works have always kept him in the limelight, Shahid Afridi is working round the clock to reach the needy and most affected in Karachi as the Coronavirus Disease continues to wreak havoc. The cricketer, under his ‘Hope Not Out’ campaign has truly shown us how stars are giving back.


Mushk Kaleem

Pakistan’s supermodels are leaving no stones unturned at this point to keep us all entertained and relaxed, and leading that is the current sensation, Mushk Kaleem with her Instagram show, Afterhours. The model invites different celebrity guests over each day exactly at 9 pm on her Instagram live, and that’s really making all the difference for those who are constantly looking for something fun to watch on social media!


Shehzad Roy

The singer with a heart of gold, Shehzad Roy has been constant in his philanthropic efforts since decades, and the COVID-19 scare has only fortified his efforts. The singer has not only been raising awareness about the virus but has also continued his fight to provide justice to all. In his latest mission, he is trying to get the non-prohibitory under trial prisoners released as the virus spreads.


Ali Rehman Khan

One of the celebs who are active on Twitter in order to not only raise awareness but also quash fake news about the spread of COVID-19, Ali Rehman Khan has been doing his part constantly by making sure everyone understands what the virus is and how one can be safe from it. We need more of this from all celebs, at this point!


Hasnain Lehri


Hailing from the rugged terrain of Balochistan, model Hasnain Lehri has fully realised the situation of his home province, where the Coronavirus is spreading amidst the lack of awareness. To counter this, the model has taken an initiative on his social media to get relevant people from Balochistan, such as Members of the Provincial Assembly, to come live on Instagram with him and talk about the situation in the province.


Ali Sethi

A singer who has yet again captured our hearts, but this time with his efforts to keep everyone entertained, Ali Sethi is doing what everyone needed at this point – A-class entertainment! He managed to get Farida Khanum, Rekha and Vishal Bhardwaj on the same platform and that says enough about how amazing he is at this point! Plus, his other live sessions where he sings aren’t anything to miss out on either!



Strings have been a part of Pakistani pop culture for three decades now, and yet, they never cease to amaze us. They bring their energy into everything they do, and right now they’re doing that by going live on Instagram to keep us all entertained and content! What else do we need from these icons?


Faiza Saleem

A comedian who knows how to leave us in stitches with her relevant reactions to situations, Faiza Saleem has been a hoot to follow on social media these days. She’s bringing out quality content for her fans who could use a pick-me-up, and we’re obsessed!


Danyal Zafar

A singer who used his time under the lockdown for all the right reasons, Danyal Zafar aka Danny Zee, has managed to do something for his fans despite the situation and has come up with a new song! All done from his home in a span of a day, Danyal has a whole new song, Udh Chaliye out now! Now, that’s impressive!


Who have you been following? Tell us in the comment section below.


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