People are asking Telecommunication services to support families and students with free internet

As almost all the countries go into lockdown due to the outbreak of coronavirus, telecom companies throughout the world are supporting their customers in this hour of need and providing them with free internet to keep them home while the Pakistani companies have increased the prices during this time!

Looking at this trend worldwide, Pakistani twitter too is now demanding that the telecommunication companies do the same in Pakistan expressing their concerns and demands under the hashtag #ShameOnTelecomSector which has been trending all day today and people have a lot to say!

People were loud and clear!

People were angry that the Pakistani telecom companies are sleeping:

Many thought that taking care of their customers during trying times like this will earn them more customers over time:

People were threatening the companies:

Some were even okay with the troublesome service being fixed at the least:

Some expressed concerns:

Many agreed how free internet would be a good initiative to make people stay home:

People were fed up of the tiniest of deductions:

Some were furious as companies were taking this as an opportunity to earn more:

People were even planning on boycotting these services:

Some thought the companies we’re robbing their customers with both hands:

People were appalled at the increase in rates:

People were also targeting international franchises to treat everyone equally:

Everyone demanded their preferred GBs:

People also demanded free corona updates rather than being charged for them:

Some were even okay with the charges being lowered if free internet wasn’t a possibility:

People were especially concerned for the students:

People who were working from home also demanded a bit of relief:

What do you think about these demands? Let us know in the comments below!

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