People Are Sharing Their Ludo Star Experiences And They’re Downright Hilarious!

Quarantine life has us all looking for ways to kill boredom and the internet has rekindled their love for Ludo with people re-installing the Ludo Star app, and their experiences so far have been nothing short of hilarious!

There was a meme for every situation!

Confidence ho toh aisa!

Humaray sath toh nai hota aisa!

Never a dull moment in Ludo:

Literally our face when we kill someone’s pakki goti:

Tharak ka koi ilaaj nai:

Hum toh doobeinge sanam, tumhain bhi lay doobeingein!

It’s biz-nesssss!

That sukoon!


Every damn time!

Speaking in Ahmed Shah: Aisa toh nai hota hai 😡

Hahahahahaha 😂

Dil ka haal:

Kashif meine apki goti nai maari:

Well, now you do!

Okay this has gone way too far!


Ya Allah, 6, 5 nai ayein iske!

‘It’s your day today!’

We stan the idea though!

I swear!

Desperate times call for desperate measures:

Hum toh itne ghareeb hain ke humain pata hi nai hai themes ka 😂

We do!

Raise your hand if you can relate!

How have you been passing your time during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

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