Ertugrul Gazi Is Winning Hearts All Around Pakistan!

Turkish drama series Ertugrul Gazi chronicling the life of the Muslim warrior has gained immense popularity after PM Imran Khan praised the series and ordered that it be aired dubbed in Urdu for Pakistani viewers.

The series has since then gathered quite the fan following and has been trending on social media with people being all praise!

The series has been uniting Muslims all over the country!

No doubt!

People were in love!

The hero we all needed!

People were sharing their favourite dialogues!


People found it more interesting than other Netflix series!

A true depiction of our emotions 😂

It even gave PubG a run for it’s money:

Even people who don’t watch a ton of tv were hooked!

Bollywood who?


This one’s for all the Muslims!

People were lauding Imran Khan for introducing the series to Pakistanis:


It had people finding their real heroes!

Dil ke armaan aansuon mei beh gaye!

People were living for the aesthetics!

People were calling it the best series they’d ever seen!

Are you watching the series? How are you liking it? Let us know in the comments below!

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