People are sharing their favourite Urdu books from childhood and it’s nostalgic!

Someone take us back to the good old days, when life was simpler and our worries revolved around incomplete homework, kya din thay!

And today the internet is reminiscing just about one of those days, with a tweet that has them recalling their favourite urdu story books:

Yeh cheez!

Most definitely!

People were taken back to the time when they used to rent out these books:

Never ending cycle:

Some kept adding to the list!

They were treasured memories for some:

People agreed on loving both the classics, Urdu and English:

Jo baat hai!

Many were recalling how reading these stories during study time got them chhittar:


Some thought the comparison was uncalled for:

People were remembering the good times:

Some shared the preceding series as well:

Haha, we’ve all read these at some point in life:

Many shared how they still had these books with them:

People were also sharing how these books had then falling in love with reading:

Hahaha, ata hai yeh phase sub pe:

Some even claimed how they felt Harry Potter series were plagiarized 😱

Umro Ayar was a clear favourite!


People were recalling how this was a monthly norm for our dads:

People were feeling nostalgic:

Money well spent!

Those were epic!


True that!

Some wondered if children still read urdu stories today:

Lol, business!

What books do you remember reading as children? Let us know in the comments below!

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