People Are Sharing The Not-So-Desi Things That Seem Desi & The List Is Spot On!

Ever seen something and thought ‘that’s so desi,’ because we have! And today tweeple are sharing things that are not desi but yet seem desi:

And buckle up, cause the list is long!

Agreed, dear:

Omg yes!

The betrayal!

Her marz ki dawah!

Oof, nothing beats these!


National plates of Pakistan:

Every shadi card ever!

True that:

So you’re telling me Bata ain’t desi?



The amount of times we’ve heard it:

*plays Walls music in the background*

Dead 😂

Also great for grooming your kids 😭

E very congratulatory message ever!

Lmao, yakeen nai ata bahar kawway dekh ke:

Oof, yes!

We all have it!


What is something that you find desi which isn’t really desi? Let us know in the comments below!

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