ASI Mohammad Bakhsh Sent His Own Daughter As A Bait To Arrest The Kashmore Incident Rapists & People Are Lauding Him!

The gruesome incident in Kashmore where a group of men raped a woman and her 5 year old for over ten days has shaken the nation once again. The rapists only released the woman to bring them another girl in return for her 5 year old.

The woman took the matter to police and in an attempt to catch the culprits ASI Mohammad Bakhsh volunteered to send his own daughter as bait and people are lauding him for his bravery:

People were proud of him for treating others children like his own:

People wanted Imran Khan to take notice of the policeman and reward him:

People were calling him a hero!

He had won many hearts:

People shared how they should be celebrating him:

People’s faith in humanity was restored:

People were calling him courageous:

People were saluting him:

People wanted more people like him in the force:

People wanted him to be nominated for Sitara-e-Imtiaz:


People were wishing he’d be more recognised:

And while many were lauding him, others were not too happy:

People found the act stupid:

Some wanted to know if the daughter had agreed:

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