People are sharing the most overrated places they’ve been to and replies are pretty interesting!

If there’s one thing we miss the most after eating out, it’s travelling! And while we’re all quarantined, most of us just can’t wait for the pandemic to pass and get back to travelling!

The netizens are sharing their travel experiences to twitter stating the most hyped up travel destinations that they found overrated and not worth the hype.

And with all the reasons they have to give, it might help you planning your next travel accordingly:

For many it was NYC:

Some didn’t quite get the hype around Los Angeles:

The City of love made it to the list, over and over again!

Some were left unimpressed with Madrid:

Some were sure of the most boring capital in the world:

For some London was a very underwhelming experience:

Lahore and Murree made it to the list too!

So did Karachi:

Some weren’t too sure of Islamabad:



How can you not like Switzerland 😡

It was Hunza for some:

Some weren’t fans of Turkey:

Some were disappointed by Gorakh Hills:

Many weren’t too impressed by Bangkok:

Nooooooo 💔

For some it was Rome:

Some weren’t too fond of Venice:

Screaming 😂


No way!

Some weren’t really a fan of Naran and Kaghan:

For some California didn’t make the cut:

Hahaha, we kinda agree on this one!

Don’t offend the fridge like this okay?

Day 30 in quarantine:


The most underrated place if you ask us:

Sea view sure is overrated!

Haha, definitely!

What places would you like to add in the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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