People are sharing pictures of the girls in stadiums with demeaning captions and the internet thinks it’s not okay!

Imagine going to attend a match and having a good time, only to come home and realize that your pictures have been circulating on social media with the creepiest captions, that’s PSL for girls. In am already toxic society, this perverse behaviour is the last thing we need.

Ever since PSL has begun, there have been an array of thirsty tweets popping up with every match, and the netizens are sick of it!

People have been sharing absolutely crass tweets about the women in the stadium:

From colour to pigmentation, no one was spared:

It’s 2020 and people still think calling girls ‘bachi’ is acceptable:

But the bar was lowered from bachi to maal immediately in the very next tweet:

Sick of the toxic tweets, the netizens made it a point to call out on everyone who was involved:


People made sure they came back with solid facts!

People were upset that they can’t even enjoy a match in peace:

Some spoke from their personal experience:

Many suggested that the PCB management should set some ground rules for the camera men and the spectators:

People were appalled at the open harassment:

People were feeling sorry for the women:

A very low blow:

People were disgusted:

It had many believing that men are trash:

Literally the worst thing to witness:

Girls were sharing how they would hate to have their pictures circulated like this:

Things people do for attention:

People were ashamed:

Many just wanted to put an end to the toxic meme culture:

Some had legit concerns:

And while many tweets are still out there, one of the guys who circulated a girl’s picture earlier took it down and apologized:

What do you think about this toxic open harassment culture? Let us know in the comments below!

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