After the petition against Aurat March, women really want you to know why they want to march!

With the future of Aurat March being tainted by a petition that deems it against the Islamic norms, women from all walks of life babe come together to let people know their very reasons for the march.

With the hashtag #WhyIMarch trending on Twitter, their reasons might change the way you look at the Aurat March:

Some shared how unsafe they feel alone in public:

Some shares how they were marching for all the kids who are violated:

For many, it was their chance to stand up for themselves:

Even men who support the match we’re sharing why this was so important:

For some it was against all forms of harassment:

Some are marching because it’s about time that men stop getting away with everything:

People were sharing how it was about incidents like these that the march is so important:

For some it was about the safety and financial inclusion of women:

For some it was about being treated with respect:

People were sharing how it’s time people stop thinking of women as rehabilitation centers for their sons:

For some it was about the internalized misogyny:

Some were marching for fertility rights:

For some the agenda was marital rape:

Some were doing it for their voices to be heard:

For some it was time that women spoke up for themselves instead of being treated like objects:

Some were marching because harassment needs to stop!

For some it was the first step to scoring a better future for their daughters:

Some were marching because they can and for several reasons:

Many were marching because it’s their right:


Some were marching to reclaim public spaces:

Some were marching for the double life they had been living:

For some women were much more than gol rotis:

Some were marching for inheritance rights:

For some the agenda was to stop honour killings:

Some were marching because girls deserve to put their degrees to use:

With so many women putting forward their reasons for the march, what do you think about the petition field against it? Let us know in the comments below!

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