People Are Sending More Power To Rubab Jubani, The First Female Foodpanda Rider!

In a society that shuns the idea of women riding bikes and taking up jobs that have essentially belonged to men for ages, Rubab Jubani is breaking the stereotypes by being Pakistan’s first female Foodpanda rider:


She came to attention after a Twitter user tweeted about his he was surprised to see a woman delivering his food:


And the internet just can’t stop loving her:


People were in love!


People were sending her more power:


For some this was the first step to normalizing things like this:






Some were concerned about her safety:


Let’s change it today and start tipping the riders:


People recognised her and were amazed!


People were sending her tons of prayers:


Some actually had useful suggestions for her protection:


Isn’t it amazing? Let us know in the comments below!

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