People Are Questioning Why Jeans Is Only Reserved For Antagonists In Pakistani Dramas!

As much as we adore our drama industry, we’re sick of seeing the characters being stereotyped over and over again.

One of the tweeps pointed out how Pakistani dramas have been stereotyping the female antagonists and protagonists in almost all their dramas and how it needs to stop:

And people couldn’t help but agree!

People were sharing the dramas that broke the stereotypes:

Some talked about how there’s zero representation of hijabis:



People had more to add:

Some found the industry to be quite dated:

People were naming the dramas:

Some think we are in dire need of better stylists:

There were many who agreed!

And while many had their reservations, others gave justifications:

What do you think about Pakistani dramas stereotyping their characters? Let us know in the comments below!

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