Diva Jukebox: 10 Pakistani Indie Musicians You Have To Hear If You Haven’t Yet!

In the spirit of the new year, the upcoming spring season, and of course, a focus on music with events like Lahore Music Meet 2020 taking place over the weekend, it’s the perfect time to explore those who keep away from the mainstream yet keep adding colour to our lives with sound.

Part of what countless writers have been calling the ‘indie scene’ of music in Pakistan, they are the stalwarts who have added an edge to the industry by bringing their own flair to the mix and yet, have retained their uniqueness.

Looking at ten such singers and musicians, Diva explores names from the world of ‘indie’ that you might just fall in love with…

Shamoon Ismail

A name that you have may have heard become huge in the past year or so, Shamoon Ismail has gained quite a huge fan following for his music. His tracks are fresh and vibe quite well with the young-adult segment in the country, and for that, he’s become quite the rage.

Abdullah Siddiqui

A few singers have the sort of talent that Abdullah Siddiqui brings to the forefront, and many would wholeheartedly agree with that. The singer is quite a powerhouse, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a mainstream name soon.

Lenny Massey

A saxophonist who knows how to capture hearts with his talent, Lenny Massey has been on our radar for a while now and we truly keep coming back for more. His music skills are top-notch and for anyone who wants some soothing woodwind sounds, this is where you go.

Umer Farooq

A self-taught musician whose skills are captivating, Umer Farooq has massive talent tied to his name. He’s given us quite a few hits, and for anyone who wants to hear a musician who can do soft-rock and alternative music well, needs to know him!

Adil Omar

One of the few rapper/recording artists in the country who keep it fresh and experimental with each of their tracks, Adil Omar is someone we’ve loved since a while. His music is as unique as it gets and his antics are always something which resonates with his fans!


A name that rose to popularity quite quickly, Saakin has come to be known for their rich skillset and music, which is soothing in every way. We’ve been enjoying their music for a while, but we believe they have gotten even better lately!


E Sharp

E Sharp was one of the few bands who rose to fame after Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands, and we completely understand why. Their music perfectly resonates with the young crowd and for anyone looking for great alternative rock, this is where to find it!


Khumariyaan may have gotten those mainstream gigs through which people know them, but at heart, they will always be indie! Their music tugs at the right heartstrings and who doesn’t such instrumental music?

Aurangzaib Khan

A name that many may not know, but definitely should, Aurangzaib Khan has put out some brilliant music in the last few months. His music is at par with many mainstream artists, and we believe he definitely has a bright future ahead.


Mahak Qayyum

You probably have heard this Gul Ahmed TVC many a time and enjoyed the tunes, but did you know it has the brilliant Mahak Qayyum behind it? She’s now come to her own, and her music has kept us mesmerised ever since!


Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.


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