People are in love with the SSG gang reuniting and their sharartein!

As the drama is nearing its end, Ehd e Wafa has the audience completely smitten and in love with the SSG boys who have now grown into successful men!

But the episode last night had everyone going aww as boys were back to their playful selves:

This scene had us choking 😂


It’s like living through them!

Omg, I thought we were the only ones!

And this is where we all melted:

Hahaha, the Obi we all love!

We just can’t get enough of Shehryar!

Who knew yeh din bhi ayega!

To all the moments we’ve spent laughing with our friends ❤

A shark we’re happy to see!


Back benchers for the win!

Haha, some remembered this cousin:

Agreed, the entrance was epic!

And his expressions too, on point!

Yeh cheez:


Couldn’t agree more!


This scene had us 😂

It had some missing their friends:

Some learnt very important things:

To all the Saads out there!

People were sharing their favourite scenes:

The day we’ve been waiting for:

‘Jaldi aao sub aa agaye hain:’

People were touched!


Please please please 😭

The promo left many bittersweet:

Not ready for this:

How did you like the episode last night? Let us know in the comments below!

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