People Are Divided After Peshawar High Court Lifts Ban On Tiktok!

If there’s an app that’s always on the edge, it’s Tiktok for Pakistan. Despite being banned several times in the past, the app continues to get unbanned. And the latest ban by Peshawar High Court is no different!

And with the lift of the ban, people had a lot of opinions, some supporting the lift of the ban while some still want the ban to continue!

People felt the same way as Chaudhry Fawad:

People also took this opportunity to throw shade at the Peshawar High Court:

People had questions:

People were thanking the Peshawar High Court for the decision:

Some were disappointed:

Others wished this was an April Fools day prank:

People were wishing for the ban again:


People thought it was about time the ban was lifted:


People wanted content regulation rather than banning the app altogether:

People were also calling out the courts and their inability to stick to a decision:

People found it to be a poor decision:

People were sharing the reactions of Tiktokers:

People were also calling out the authorities’ failure to filter content:


People were sharing how a ban on apps is counterproductive to the growth of digital economy:

What do you think about the lifting of the ban on Tiktok? Let us know in the comments below!

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