German Ambassador Loved Karachi’s Biryani & Sparked The Aalu vs No Aalu Debate On Twitter!

Karachi is known for its biryani, be it beef, chicken, mutton, channa or the saada biryani! Basically, the K in Karachi stands for King of Biryani and even the German Ambassador to Pakistan agrees!

And while he loved having biryani for lunch with his colleagues, he’s sparked THAT debate yet again!

Haha, too late!

True that!

We take our biryani very seriously, okay?

Team biryani-with-aalu was at it!

Team no-aalu-in-the-biryani had its fair share of arguments:

Wait, whattttt?

Why are we salivating already 🤤

Hahaha, yes!

Yeh bhi theek hai:

We have a winner!

How do you like your biryani? Let us know in the comments below!

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