People are discussing the best things that happened to Pakistan in 2019 and we’re loving them!

2019 was a rather progressive year for Pakistan with many excellent developments in almost every sector. And as the year 2019 comes to an end, the netizens are sharing what Pakistan achieved in 2019 under the hashtag #BestOf2019_Pakistan:

And the facts will make you proud!

A visit that changed the perspective of media globally:

A speech so iconic, we’re still not over it:

A feat we stand proud of:

Tea is fantastic sir:

Go green!

Our citizens making us proud:

Some of our very favourite designers designed clothes for the Duchess of Cambridge:

British Airways coming back to Pakistan:

A little something for our Sikh brethren:

We pulled off the entire PSL in our own country!

Yeh cheez:

First step towards a stable economy:

An achievement in itself!

Our favourite girl, Hajra!

Foreign investments coming back to Pakistan:

We’re a land full of resources:

Tourism boomed!

Hum nai dartay kisi se!


Who run the world? Girls!

Always prepared:

Nothing but the best!


PM Imran Khan’s quotes made many proud:

Our jawaans making us proud:


Like we said, there are developments in every sector:


What’s your best memory from 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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