The internet is heart broken as Maheen Ghani shares the news of her divorce from Shahbaz Taseer

After Shahbaz Taseer was kidnapped, his wife Maheen waited for 5 very long years praying for his safe return and fought through the pain very bravely. And when Shahbaz returned, people were crediting to Maheen and her prayers.

Maheen recently took to Twitter to share how the past decade has been a whirlwind for her and how she hopes 2020 is kinder:

And the twitterati were heart broken at the news of her divorce:

People were telling her how she was an inspiration to many:

A story that definitely needs to be shared:

People were angry:

People were sending love and prayers her way:

Many shared how shocked they were:

People were actually in disbelief:

Some also shared how they feared marriage now:

But Maheen gave them hope:

Many were accusing Shahbaz of dating a 23 year old model:

People were recalling how they followed her through her journey:

Some were happy to see her seeing herself in better light:


People were lauding her for her resilience:

Many were hurt:

People were disappointed in Shahbaz Taseer:

Be your own heroes, yes!

What do you think about Maheen and Shahbaz’s divorce? Let us know in the comments below!

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