Diva Jukebox: 10 Songs by Abida Parveen Which Are Eternally Soulful!

The Pakistani music industry has a plethora of amazing music choices available for the listeners and there’s no doubt about that. However, amongst the colossal number of musicians and singers we have in the country, only a select few are icons who are evergreen in every sense. One such name is the Sufi Maestra Abida Parveen.

Looking at some of the best that the soulful voice of Sindh has to offer, Diva explores ten such grand works of Abida Parveen…

Main Naraye Mastana

A Sufi anthem that made people fall in love with Abida Parveen, Naraye Mastana is one for the books.

Aray Logon Tumhara Kya

A song that is all about one’s connection with God, this song gives you a myriad of feelings!


Mahi Yaar Di Gharoli

A thumping Sufi number, this song is sure to make you go into a trance.

Yaar Ko Hamne Ja Baja Dekha

A song made even more popular by Mahira Khan’s Sheher-e-Zaat, this song is soulful in every way.


Tere Ishq Nachaya

A song that made Abida Parveen a household name, this song is definitely one for the playlist.


Dama Dam Mast Qalandar

No Sufi playlist is every complete without Dama Dam Mast and the whole world knows it.


Dhoondoge Agar Mulkon Mulkon

A song that will make you fall deep into its meaning, Dhoondoge will make you think about those who you have lost.


Chaap Tilak

A classic, Chaap Tilak is just wonderful when Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s vocals is mixed with hers.



Mixing vocals with Ali Sethi, Abida Parveen shines through with Coke Studio’s Aaqa.



A sweet and mellifluous tune, Dost is a classic in its own sense.


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