People are comparing the Corona Virus situation to that in the movie Contagion and its scary!

As reports of people getting infected with Corona virus are increasing, people can’t stop comparing the plot of the movie to what’s happening today.

The movie came out ten years ago, but its twisty plot has definitely taken on new relevance in the wake of the coronavirus. A decade after its release, the film has shot up to number 15 on the iTunes movie rental chart.

And it sounds scarily similar to the fictional MEV- the experts in Contagion were battling. Terrified of the similarities, people turned to Twitter:

People were suspicious:

The fictional virus and corona virus even share the same origin, bats!

People couldn’t stop relating to the movie:

Many had the theory that these viruses are made to spread deliberately:

People were scared:

Many were comparing the current situation to another series on Netflix as well:

More and more people were watching Contagion:

Some had theories of their own:

People were getting paranoid:

They did!

Some were calling it bio-terrorism:

Amidst the paranoia, there were a few who were still waiting on the official word from experts:

Some were referring to it as a biological weapon:

Leh, talk about spoiler alerts!

People had questions:

It’s getting out of hands now, tbvh:

People were actually terrified:

Yar 😭

Many were mind blown:

Okay wow, you just can’t beat the Simpsons, can you?

With the cases of Corona virus increasing by the minute, we hope the tragedy comes to an end soon. What do you think about the eerily similar scenario? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The eighties are unimiginable without the legend Mithunda !! During the decade, Mithunda was much ahead of Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Jeetendra, Anil Kappor, Jackie, Sanjay etc…his films must be included in the list !!! It was his era !!

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