Damsa got the happy ending it deserved and people just can’t stop lauding the drama!

Based on child traficking, drama serial Damsa aired its last episode last night ending on the note we all were hoping for: Damsa and Areeja coming home. And Nadia Jamil dedicated her performance to the children of the country:

And the internet has nothing but good things to say about the drama:

This scene gave us goose bumps too!

The last two episodes had us tearing up too!

Absolutely, the child actors were brilliant!

Maa waqayi maa hoti hai:

Some were keen that Damsa deserved all the hype in the country:

The drama gave everyone something to think about:

People couldn’t stop praising Nadia Jamil for playing Areeja:

Never understimate the power a mother holds within her:

People wanted more dramas like Damsa:

Aptly put:

Many thought Damsa was the drama that should have been played in the cinemas:

People acknowledged how this was an issue they’d never thought about:

Phenomenal, indeed!

Hoping for the same:

Every episode was perfect:


People were loving how it ended:

A drama that taught so much more:


People were lauding the quality of Pakistani dramas:

Watch it right now!

People were glad that the drama not only portrayed the problem but also gave solutions:

Have you been keeping up with Damsa? Let us know in the comments below!

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