People Are Calling Out Ducky Bhai For Registering His Channel In India!

In a recent turn of events, YouTuber Ducky Bhai has been receiving tons of backlash for unleashing his followers on a girl who uploaded a picture of her dog wearing the flag around its neck, his followers have since then been bullying the girl to the extent of death threats in the name of nationalism and patriotism.

But things took a turn when someone on Twitter pointed out how Ducky Bhai keeps lecturing others on patriotism while he has his channel registered in India:

And people were calling him out on his hypocrisy:


People had questions:

Jo baat hai!


As the tweet spread like fire, Ducky Bhai took to Twitter to address the issue:

According to the Youtuber, he did it all to avail the feature of superchat, but others shared how the feature is very well available to those who have their location set to Pakistan:

People were just not having it!

People wanted to know why India?

Which was ✌intelligently✌ answered by the PISA Award winner:

But people still weren’t convinced:

Lmao, facts!

People were throwing shade at him:

How hard is it?

What goes around comes back around 🤷‍♀️


It’s as simple as that:

And while many people had their reservations, others didn’t really mind the location and the debate is still on at Twitter!

What do you think about this scenario? Let us know in the comments below!

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