5 Things That Makes Prem Gali A Fresh Show On Our TV Sets!

With new television narratives once again taking over our entertainment channels, there’s a lot to watch out for! And, amidst all the latest releases, if there is one that has caught our eye the most has to be the Sohai Ali Abro and Farhan Saeed starrer, Prem Gali!

Airing on ARY Digital, the show has been produced by Humayun Saeed and Shehzad Nasib, and brings forward a fresh and airy story for all of us to be obsessed with as!

But, what truly are moments and things from the show’s first episode that we just loved? Diva has the lowdown…


The Acting

A fresh new side to Farhan Saeed shines the brightest in this show, where we’re seeing him in act brilliantly as the cool and crisp Hamza. Adding onto his antics is also the ever-bubbly Sohai Ali Abro, who is once again essaying a role that fits her on-screen devil-may-care personality perfectly. The duo, along with an ensemble cast – which include powerhouses such as Saba Hameed and Shamim Hilaly, amidst others too, are just great in in this drama. If such great talent is not enough, then what is?


The Characters

It’s quite rare to find shows where each character is able to carve out their niche in the first episode alone, but Prem Gali seems to do that. Every role has been given an ample space to introduce their plots, and it’s done in a downright casually-humorous way. From Joya (Abro)– whose name we assume is a colloquial take on the name Zoya, and her family, to Hamza (Saeed) and his crazy single male lot, we get to meet one unique person over the other!


The Story

It’s always a good sign when the narratives start to evolve and Prem Gali is one such example. The story explores a narrative revolving around a divorced woman – whose house also has other women who took the same marital decision – but, it is thankfully not shown in any negative light. Instead, the narrative takes on the topic with a new perspective and shows them in different feelings to their divorces. If that wasn’t enough, Prem Gali  goes on to introduce a budding romance sans judgement – which just is a much-needed concept for our dramas to take upon themselves!


The Dialogues

Cracking remarks, fiery words, and a ton of desi-speak, the dialogues in Prem Gali have to be one of the strongest points to its aesthetics. There’s ton to enjoy in the writing done by  Faiza Iftikhar and the dialogues created over it, and we bet it’ll only get better as the show moves ahead. We just hope the witty relief continues!


The New Take On Women

We’re tired of the saas-bahu dramatics and we’ve been saying it for a while now! That is why when we see a new representation of women in Prem Gali it warms our hearts! There’s no stigma attached to the women in this show and that for once, gives us hope that the show would take the right angle when it comes to representing women who the Pakistani TV viewer doesn’t consider typical. 


Have you watched the first episode of Prem Gali? Tell us what you think about it in the comments.



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