Asim Abbasi Believes That Churails Belongs To Everyone Who’s Consuming It & The Consumers Have Spoken!

Ever since it’s release, web series Churails has been the talk of the town scoring rave reviews from majority and some criticism as well.

Filmmaker Asim Abbasi who made his digital debut with the web series Churails, believes that Churails, after it’s release is no more his project but everyone’s who’s consuming it and he’s appreciative of the criticism as he is of praise:

Being open to all criticism, the writer-director’s tweet has left the audience in awe of him!


People were lauding his craftsmanship:

People were finally feeling represented:

People were proud of his work!



A massive impact indeed!

Jo baat hai!

There’s just no stopping once you start watching it!

People found the show to be a breath of fresh air:

People were calling it a revolution!


We weren’t expecting anything was than excellence:

Have you watched the web-series yet? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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