People Are Bringing Out Their Finest Raps To Match Shamoon Ismail’s & They’re Everything!

Rap culture has slowly but steadily been making a comeback with the new generation of rappers, and they certainly have a cult following!

Taking to his twitter account, the king of Punjabi blues, Shamoon Ismail, shared his part of the rap from the song ‘Tum Tum:’

Unimpressed by the lyrics, tweeple went in for an informal rap battle claiming that they can write better lyrics:

Okay, wow!

People were not coming slow!

Yahan toh sub hi rappers hain!


Islamabadis in one rap!


Some even went to the extent of introducing corona to their lyrics 😂

People had their ways to express themselves:

Some found themselves relating to the lyrics, like real hard!

Some were trying to make a point:

We love the edition of a cat!

Haye Phoebe 😭

Cancer is nothing to joke about 🙄

This hits us hard!

Here’s one for the sweet toothed!

What even is this mix 😂

Kinda digging this…

People were rapping about everything, really!


Some were just not having it!

Who do you think won the battle? Let us know in the comments below!

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