Love Conquers All: Ali Sethi Brings Farida Khanum, Rekha and Vishal Bhardwaj On The Same Platform!

With the world going through a multitude of problems, including, a lockdown and quarantine amidst the COVID-19 scare, we all could definitely use a pick-me-up in any way that we can get it. Well, that’s where Ali Sethi probably heard us all and did the unimaginable in these conditions by making India and Pakistan come together!

That’s right. Managing to get the iconic Farida Khanum and Indian singer and director duo, Vishal and Rekha Bhardwaj on Instagram live — from the safety of their own homes, the Ishq singer weaved magic into our lives!

What went down? Diva has the total lowdown…


Ali Sethi Fulfils Vishal and Rekha Bhardwaj’s Wish!

As claimed by the Kamine director in the live video, one of Vishal Bhardwaj’s ultimate wishes was to meet Farida Khanum and listen to her sing. Well, that’s where modern technology came into play, and Ali, through an Instagram Live session, made the quarantine worthwhile!


Farida Khanum Sings!

As the Instagram session continued and the salutations turned into talking about meeting each other, Ali requested Pakistan’s legendary singer, Farida Ji to croon to her iconic Aaj Janay Ki Zidd Na Karo, and in her true mellifluous tone, she did amidst hundreds of bedazzled live viewers.

Rekha Bhardwaj Croons

As the session continued and the Indian pair remained mesmerised by the live performance they just saw from Farida Khanum, Rekha, who is a celebrated singer for Bollywood, also sang her iconic Phir Le Aya Dil, which drew quite a few praises from the legendary Pakistani singer.


Ali Sethi Concludes With A Song!

Fans had all the reasons to finally get some sort of relaxation in the lockdown, and this was truly what was needed. Two brilliant singers proving their prowess in a time when all’s going downhill really helped us. But, of course, it wasn’t done yet! Ending the session, Ali Sethi also sang an unplugged rendition of his song, Chandni Raat and what a delight that became!


Check out the whole live session here:

CHANDNI RAAT live session | Rekha Bhardwaj | Vishal Bhardwaj | Farida Khanum | Ali Sethi

CHANDNI RAAT live session | Rekha Bhardwaj | Vishal Bhardwaj | Farida Khanum | Ali SethiHere is a full video from our historic session yesterday. If there’s anything we can learn in this difficult time, let it be the value of cooperation across borders. LOVE CONQUERS ALL ♥️♥️♥️ A very special thanks to Faridaji’s genius granddaughter @mehrunnisaiamin for setting this up, and to @anthonysoshil and @bhangusayeen for making the video #alisethi #rekhabhardwaj #vishalbhardwaj #faridakhanum #india #pakistan #lockdown #coronavirus #music #collaboration

Posted by Ali Sethi on Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Here’s to hoping for more such sessions soon!


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