People Are Absolutely Furious As Two More Rape Cases Emerge Involving Minors, CCPO Lahore Under Fire For Victim Blaming!

The nation had barely digested the bone chilling assault at the Motorway, that 2 more cases involving minor girls aged 7 and 12 came to light, one from Rawalpindi and the other one from Gujranwala. The alarmingly increasing number of the assault incidents has distressed people to a great length.

Moreover the victim blaming comments from the CCPO Lahore also have everyone fuming:

After the initial video, people were alarmed by the nerve on the officer to blame the woman rather than doing his job. People expected that he’d do better in the second round of interviews, however, that too was cut short after the second interview went viral:

And people think this victim blaming mentality needs to die!

People were calling him a rape apologist:

Actor Osman Khalid Butt too was appalled at how openly it was being admitted that the country isn’t safe for women:

Human Rights Minister, Shireen Mazari, also condemned the victim blaming mentality of the CCPO:

Actress Mansha Pasha too shared how everyone is responsible:

Shaniera Akram wanted people to know how monsters are actually real and very much among us:

People wanted him to stop making excuses for failing to do his job:


People wanted the rape apologists to be held accountable too!



People were also appalled at the lack of outrage on the situation:

Actor Haroon Shahid shared how the reality was exactly what film director Shoaib Mansoor had shown in Verna:

People wanted sex education to be taught in schools, to create awareness among the children:


People were sharing the average number of rapes in Pakistan, and the number has us speechless:

Parents were sick worried for their girls:

People had questions:


The past few days have been extremely disturbing, with a total of 4 cases in a week, it’s worrying to see the sad state of affairs of the country. What do you think?

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