Ali Zafar’s Upcoming Mobile Ad Mistaken As The Making Of Desi Ertugrul & The Replies Will Make You LOL!

Pakistanis and their love for Ertugrul has made international headlines many a times!

And today, considering the fan following of Ertugrul in Pakistan, an international publication Khaleej Times mis-takes Ali Zafar’s ad poster for Tecno as a remake of Ertugrul:

And people have the funniest things to say!



The classic Moin Akhtar meme made it to the reactions:

Some even had a name for the series!

Omg yes!


We’re loving the names!

It sure does!

People were not anticipating it:

Take our money!

Some thought he looked more like Jack Sparrow:

People wanted something to be made on their own history:

Some people were excited:

Lol, no one’s copying anyone here:

This little mistake is giving us major ideas, would you like a remake of Ertugrul? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Pakistani TV shows (morning shows) and actors are literally embarrassing us in front of Turkey and Turkish industry. What’s with them? Our TV dramas were all time best and famous in the world and our writers, directors and producers are still the best. Then why are these actors behaving so weird? What’s wrong?

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