People Share The Most Ridiculous Questions They Were Asked During Rishta Meetups & We’re Speechless!

Rishta meetups are nerve wrecking already, and to top it off, people have the most absurd things to ask.

While we wish this whole concept of rishta parading never existed, netizens today are sharing the most ridiculous questions they were asked during the rishta meetups:

And the replies will leave you speechless!

People and their generalisations:



For all the psychologists:

For real?

Lo bhaee:

Umm, what the hell?

Wait, what?

Secretly trying to see how submissive the girl is:



Hadh hai:



Straight to the point:

Lol, we love this!

What are some of the most ridiculous questions you’ve had to answer? Let us know in the comments below!

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