Mehwish Hayat is winning the internet with her speech on peace and savage replies to Indian trolls

Mehwish Hayat has never been afraid to speak what’s on her mind, she’s fierce and she’s a force not to be reckoned with, which makes her our favorite diva! Mehwish Hayat was recently awarded the Pride of Performance award in Oslo, and apart from being thankful, Mehwish had a lot to say!


Mehwish preceded to say that even though Pakistan may not be the most peaceful country, the films produced by Hollywood have stereotyped us as vile monsters:


She then mentions Bollywood and how they could have used their industry to promote peace between the countries but they chose to portray us as villains:


Mehwish then continued to say that artists need to think beyond nationalism and take a stand to show a more nuanced picture of our country via our films. And her speech has the internet going gaga over her, except for some Indians:


But Mehwish came back at him:


Another Indian thought she had the answers to everything:


But Mehwish put her right back in her place:



And the rest of the internet had found a new queen to stan!



People were proud of her for using the platform wisely, unlike Priyanka Chopra:


Author Wajahat S. Khan also praised Mehwish for speaking up:


Even Mehr Tarar was in awe of Mehwish:


People were happy that she finally spoke for being misrepresented:


She had people rooting for her:


She has become the new desi girl who we all love to love:


Yaaas! No one deserved the award better than her:


People were comparing Mehwish and Priyanka’s patriotism:


And Mehwish was clearly the winner:


People wanted this speech to be an example for people like Priyanka:


People mentioned how Mehwish has always stood up for what’s right:


Yes please!


She set an example of what everyone should strive to be like:


Yaaas, the queeeeen we stan!


You go, girl!


What do you think about Mehwish Hayat’s speech? Let us know in the comments below!

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