Pakistanis Share Why They Think Arrange Marriages Are Scary & The List Is Pretty Long!

We live in a society where love marriages are still frowned upon in some parts and arranged marriages are considered to be ideal because family knows best!

And while no marriage comes with a guarantee of success, netizens are sharing their worst fears when it comes to arranged marriages:

Night person vs a morning person, big clash!

He’s literally video calling his mama!

We’d run away:


Now that really is a problem!

You gotta know you’re only in their life until they find their bias irl:

What’s wrong with that 😡

Music taste matters, for real!

Makes sense:

Biggest fear, tbvh!

Red flag, babe!

Uh oh!

We’d leave:

Now that’s going to be a problem:

Not in Karachi though:

Yeh toh masla ho jayega:

Text before marrying, please!


You’re right!

Trust me, you’d know:

Wait, is there anyone who doesn’t like biryani?


Lmao, shots were fired!

Some were just so done with the trend!

What is it that scares you about arranged marriages? Let us know in the comments below!

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