Pakistanis share what they miss the most during the lockdown!

It’s been days that people in Pakistan has been under a lockdown. The air is curfew like and many had been under self quarantine weeks before the decision to lock down the country was taken and everyone’s missing their old life before quarantine!

People on Twitter decided to reminisce about what they miss the most, cherishing the little pleasures of pre-isolation life:

Some missed meeting people:

Same 😭

Some missed the beach in this perfect picnic weather:

How much we miss hawker fries:

Some shared the little routine things that we took for granted:

Some shared how they missed fighting with the careem customer service:

Some were actually missing their classes:

People missed stepping outside:

Some missed their pets dearly:

Window shopping is so addictive:

Little pleasures of life:

Some missed getting iced teas and being responsible:

Major missing!

It had many realize the love they had for their universities:

Some missed going to park:

Haye, gol gappay 😭

Nothing beats bazaar wali biryani:

Some missed driving:

Haha, you can still do that:

Some missed their early morning runs and gym:

Some even missed their punishments:

Many missed eating out:

Some missed everything!

I swear 😭

Some had forgotten what pre-isolation life used to be like:

What do you miss the most about the pre-isolation life? Let us know in the comments below!

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