Pakistanis Share Things They Don’t Find Anymore!

Keeping up with the changing trends on Twitter, people are sharing the things they just can’t find anymore, and we just can’t help but think about them all with a big sigh!

We swear 😡

Ooof, the shade!

Kabhi nai milta!

Yar 😭

Kya din the!

Especially when half our nail is coming off 😭😭😭

Chal jhoota!

We used to love this jelly, omg!

Yeh kya hota hai?

Oh, the struggle!


Jo baat hai 😭

Kahan hain humaray BFFs?


Hayeee, dil ki baat:

Chocki 😭😭😭

Hmmm 👀

Am I a joke to you? 😭


Those days!

Yo, impossible!

Bring The Office back pls!



So accurate!

*keeps looking for the next 20 minutes*

It goes directly into the Bermuda Triangle:

What’s that one thing you can’t find anymore? Let us know in the comments below!

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