Pakistanis Are Sharing The First Thing They’d Do When The Pandemic Ends & We Love The Replies!

While the world fights together to beat Covid-19, people have been dying to go back to their post-lockdown routines.

And with there being hope in the medical field, people just can’t help but think of the things they’d do once the pandemic ends:

And the replies have us growing impatient!

Oh, how much we miss travelling 😭

The amount of shaadis we’ll be seeing after its over 😂😂😂


Online shopping mei woh maza kahan!

Yes 😭😭

Exactly how it should be, we stan!

Some were dreading going to work:


This makes us miss our classfellows!

It should be first on our list too, quarantine bod is no joke!

Chances are you won’t get the leave 😂

Haha, same!

Yar 😂😂


I think we all do!

Start thinking!

We would too!

Yes please!

Haha, kisi haal mei khush nai 😂

What’s the first thing you’d do once the pandemic ends? Let us know in the comments below!

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