Pakistanis Share ’I Know A Spot’ & The Replies Are So Damn Accurate!

We all have a friend who knows the perfect spot for everything, but today, the netizens are sharing how they’ve seen people claiming to know of a good spot and it turning out to be the most typical and predictable spot!

And the aptness of the replies will have you rolling on the floor laughing!

For real man:

Some of our parents still take us to that spot 😭


Oh boy, the shade!

Khana hi toh waahid entertainment hai hum Karachi waalon ke liye!

Heuheuheuheu 😂

I mean, it’s the best point for winning city wars:

Ooof, savage!

Sounds good though:

Yar 😂

Yeh baat!

With the foul smell in the background:


Here’s one for Peshawar:

Hahaha, we laughed way too hard at this one!

Why is this so relatable? 😭

Why is this so accurate:

Typical brown boy behaviour:

Atif Aslam ko toh chhor dete 😂

Because you need it, sir 🙄


Dead 😂

What spot would you like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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