Pakistanis Share Hacks To Avoid Foggy Glasses When Wearing A Face Mask

Ever since the pandemic began and wearing masks became mandatory, people all around the world have had a hard time adjusting to the masks. Some complain it suffocafes them and some didn’t like the way it hurt the back of their ears, and there were modifications made to tackle these problems. But one problem still remains, and it is the glasses fogging up as you breathe.

Fed up of the constant cleaning, someone on Twitter shared the dilemma:

And fellow tweeple are sharing their secrets to keep the glasses fog-free:


Start selling it!

Worth a try?

Yar 🤣

But it also guchu-muchus your hair:

Need one right now!


Definitely trying this!

Makes sense:



It makes the lip balm go everywhere!

This should work!


Gotta try this!


If you say so…

What hacks work for you when wearing mask? Let us know in the comments below!

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