Pakistanis Share Everything That’s ‘MUFT’ In Pakistan & The Replies Are Way Too Real!

You’d be lying if you say you haven’t given anyone free advice in this country, because that’s literally our national hobby! And today the internet is sharing the things they’ve been getting for free in the country:

And they’ve got tons to spill!

Every damn time!

Humara qoumi mashghala:

Lmao 😂


Biker bros be saving the day!

True, and true!

The day seems incomplete without them taanay!

Raise your hand if you always get to hear this 😂


Kabhi bhi, kaheen bhi!

Lagaya jata hai, khoob!

Koi humain bhi dediya karay tasalli:

Beshumaar naseehatein!

Free and unwanted:

Bohat 😭

What’s something that you’d like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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