Pakistanis Plan On A Simpler Eid In The Light Of Pandemic & Plane Crash

With Fawad Chaudhry and Mufti sahab debating on the sighting of the moon, and the recent plane crash leaving the Pakistanis heart broken amid the worrying pandemic, there’s no doubt that Eid won’t feel the same way.

And while we’re still not sure Eid kab hai, people just aren’t in the same spirit:

Many had no heart to celebrate Eid with the recent plane crash:

People were reminding everyone to follow the sunnahs:

Better get started on our sheer khorma:

The commentary was on!

The glow up is real!



We’re shoooook!

Here’s what the saudis think should be done:

But when was get it it’s one less zero:

People were requesting others to be considerate of the needy and help them:

Well, well, Eid is incomplete without a nap:


Chalo eidi leke aatay hain:

People were debating on who to follow!

Everyone had their own interpretations:


Haha, Popalzai ki league hi alag hai:

People had a good time watching the two argue:

Shaitaan faislay ke intezar mei:


Was this satan’s idea?

Aya nazar?

This broke our heart!

He’s back, bishes!

Sub chhoro, hum khud dekhleinge chand!

Aameen, summa Aameen!

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